It is well known, that humanity has progressed exponentially in knowledge and understanding of the universe. It took tens of millions of years to human to develop the writing, less than 5000 years to begin the Industrial Revolution, one century to invent the atomic bomb, theory of relativity and the Internet, and a decade to develop technological world which is known today for the smartphones, cloud technology and range of developments that take an integral part in our lives.
Estimated, in next twenty years we already expect a significant jump in science, mostly in biology and physics. In the biology, most of the efforts now are made in extending life expectancy, while in the physics - in understanding the secrets of the universe, including the possibility of time travel.
Until recently, it was science fiction, however now with the establishment of the Swiss particle accelerator (CERN) scientists believe that we are about to meet sensational discoveries within a next few years. Considering the list of achievements that are already been done (the discovery of the Higgs boson, capture antimatter, etc.) we can assume that we are about to face an era of amazing discoveries that can occur at any moment.
In all of the abundance of open options, the are two that already are tested in labs all around the world:

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credit Martin Ringbauer
Timelike curve Wormhole theory