Why should you buy lands on Kepler-452b? Well, there are many reasons, let's talk about the most popular:

1. Cause this is going to happen, and it's just a matter of time. A hundred years ago people couldn't even imagine a space flight and landing on the Moon. A decade ago, smartphone with no keyboard and with almost unlimited memory or a world wide social network where you can share with everyone - were just a dreamer's fate. The world is changing technologically from end to end each several years. This is why what seems to us as a science fiction today - is our actual future. To ensure today the purchase of land on the only planet which was discovered as able to support human beings life, in a spontaneous way - is a foreseeing and being a visionary.

2. Cause it's profitable. Ownership allows you to upgrade the property and sell it a moment after the purchase. Since the territory is limited and many people will purchase a lot of areas because of the low price (at the moment) it is likely that the land value will increase and you'll at least get a remarkable yield. This is the reason why we allow to leave contact details in the web-site so potential buyers could contact you. We can already see transactions conducted between the buyers and the third party. Many corporations and small businesses have purchased lands on Kepler-452b for investment purposes. Owning a piece of space property will set you apart from the average real estate holder!

3. Provide your kids a better future. Lately, scientists and economists were talking a lot about the fact that someday Earth will become uninhabitable. Theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking stated in 2006 that mankind has now two options: to colonize space within the next two hundred years and build residential units on other planets or to face long term extinction. There are many reasons that might cause human being's extinsion: expansion of humans and technological progress, that causes environmental devastation and destruction of ecosystems; overpopulation and resource demand; pollution that might cause damage to the biosphere and as a result of that climat changes, collision with a large comet or asteroid, etc. Basically, scientists are already sicking for "plan B". Kepler-452b is one of the most promissing planets that might become your children's or grandchildren's new home. In fact, there already exist organizations that promote the human colonization and settlement of Outer Space.

4. Honorable gift or romantic gesture. Buying land in an Outer Space is an exceptional gift for any occasion that promises to be the talk of the town as it is surely a GIFT to remember! Buying a land to name it after your beloved is considered to a beautiful romantic gesture.

But the bottom line, the reason for your purchase is not important, maybe it's a gift, a personal investment or a charitable donation - it always becomes a WIN WIN for all!